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In Kendall County, Texas the law restricts access to court records. If you are looking for court records then you might have some trouble, but there are still ways that you can obtain them legally.

Start your search at the Kendall County Court at Law. It is located at 204 E. San Antonio Street, Boerne, TX and its contact number is (830) 249-9343, extension 310. You can also send an e-mail to [email protected]. Another office where you can get information about court records is the county clerks office. The office is located in the same building as the Kendall County Court at Law. The extension number for the office is 230. You can also send an e-mail to [email protected] for inquiries. Their office hours are 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Kendall county court records

You can also search for court dockets online. Try the Kendall County official website. It is There are many links to information about the countys court system and officials on the website. By contacting the offices listed, you can find even more sources for court records.

The public library is another good place to search for court dockets, especially older ones. The library keeps older court dockets on hand as a historical reference. In Kendall County, the Boerne Public Library is where you want to go. It is located at 210 N Main St, Boerne, TX. Their telephone number is (830) 249-3053. Call first if you have any questions.

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