How to Find Free Court Dockets and Records in Van Zandt County, Texas

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Court decisions are made accessible in the form of electronic records or court dockets. These documents are archived for easy retrieval, but may not be available online because of certain restrictions. You have to personally visit a nearby courthouse to secure one.

When it comes to protecting yourself, you can use court documents to determine whether or not it is safe to deal with a certain person. Van Zandt County is known as the hiding place of the legendary bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde. This historical episode will make you think that robbers like them still exist these days. There is nothing to worry about since you can run a background check anytime as needed.

Van Zandt County district court is situated at Room 302, Dallas Street, Canton City. You can ask for specific records by calling them at 903-567-7555. You can also send a fax message to 903-567-1283. The countys constitutional court is situated at Room 204 in the same area. You can call them at 903-567-4071 or fax to 903-567-7216.

There are four justice court precincts situated in the cities of Grand Saline, Canton, Wills Point and Ben Wheeler. Additionally, there are three municipal courts situated Grand Saline, Canton, and Wills Point. You can find two more municipal courts in Edgewood and the main city of Van Zandt County.

Call the county clerk at 903-567-6503 or fax to 903-567-6722 for further assistance. Otherwise, you can take your inquiries to the Texas State Law Library situated at the west side of 14th Street in Austin. You can reach them at 512-463-1722 or fax to 512-463-1728.

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