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Val Verde County has a vast historical timeline over three centuries long. There is a high chance that descendants of notable and notorious people are dwelling in this county. You should be extra cautious in presenting yourself to other people. In order to find out who your real friends are, get in touch with county officials to uncover their real identity.

You can make a request from the Val Verde County clerk to go through a collection of court dockets. The clerks physical office is in Del Rio City. You can contact them by phone at 830-774-7564, or fax at 830-774-7608. The clerk can help you choose which of the nine court divisions can attend to your inquiries better.

Otherwise, you can go to a nearby court division on your own. There are two district courts on the first floor of East Broadway Street. You can contact them by phone at 830-774-7538, or fax at 830-774-7643.

A constitutional court is on the first floor of Pecan Street. You can contact them by phone at 830-774-7501, or by fax at 830-775-9406. A court of law is on the second floor. You can call them at 830-774-7575, or fax them at 830-778-7440.

Four precincts of the justice court are found on the streets of Mills and Losoya. Call 830-774-7545 to be advised which precinct to go to. The county also has a municipal court on Broadway Street. You can call them at 830-774-8691 or fax them at 830-774-5381.

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