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Are you having a hard time gaining access to court records in McMullen County, Texas? Being a part of Texas, McMullen County is governed by laws that prohibit public access to confidential records such as court cases and proceedings. Nevertheless, there are still ways to gain access to the court records you are looking for.

One of the best options is to visit the countys district court. The county has three district courts for you to choose from. These are the 156th district court, 343rd district court, and the 36th district court. These three courts can be reached at their mailing address, P.O. Box 700, Sinton, Texas 78387-0700. Their telephone number is (361) 364-9310. The complete list of courthouses in McMullen County can be found at

You can also seek help from the county constitutional court, located in Tilden, Texas. You can mail them at P.O. Box 237, Tilden, Texas 78071-0237. Their telephone number is (361) 274-3341.

The county clerk will also be glad to offer you his/her service. For answers to your questions, you may directly approach the county clerk at 401 Main Street, Tilden, Texas 78072. If you need immediate help from the county clerk, call their office at (361) 274-3215, or fax them at (361) 274-3858.

If you have tried all the above options, yet you still cant find the records you are looking for, you may visit the countys public libraries. There are twenty public libraries found in and near McMullen. The nearest one is the Live Oak County Branch Library at 102 Leroy Street, Three Rivers, Texas 78071. Try calling them at landline number (361) 786-3037. A complete list of the libraries can be found online at

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