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McLennan County, like almost all of Texas, does not provide an online list of court records. This is due to privacy and confidentiality issues. However, despite court records not being accessible through the internet, there are still means of procuring them.

If you do not know what type of court files or documents you are looking for, then you may start your search by asking for guidance from the county clerk, who is considered the record keeper of the county. The county clerks office is located at the McLennan County Records Building, 215 N. 5th Street, Room 223-A, Waco, Texas 76701. The phone number is (254) 757-5078. Other information about the county clerk can be viewed at

Alternatively, you may contact any one of the five district courts of McLennan County, all located at 501 Washington Avenue, P.O. Box 2451, Waco, Texas 76703. These are the 179th district court, the 19th district court, the 414th district court, the 54th district court, and the 74th district court. Their phone number is (254) 757-5045 for criminal records, and (254) 757-5057 for civil court records.

Another option for accessing court decisions and court records is the county constitutional court, located at 501 Washington Avenue, P.O. Box 1728, Waco, Texas 76703. Just dial (254) 757-5049.

Finally, you can visit the county public library if these options dont work. The Waco- McLennan County Library is found at 1717 Austin Avenue, Waco, Texas 76701. Their phone number is (254) 750-5941. You may also try looking for public libraries in and near McLennan County. Search the complete list at

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