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In accordance with the laws governing court records in the United States of America, counties within Texas follow a process to legally disclose court records to the public. McCulloch County, being under Texas, adopts the same process of releasing court dockets. The county does not allow anybody to access sensitive information like court records without due process.

The most reliable method of obtaining court records in McCulloch County is to approach the countys 198th district court, located at 199 Courthouse Square, Room 103, Brady, Texas 76825. You can set up an appointment over the phone by calling (325) 597-0733.

However, the district court does not guarantee that they can retrieve the court record you are seeking, especially if it is an old file. If this happens, you may have to approach the county court located at 199 Courthouse Square, Room 302, Brady, Texas 76825. For your convenience, try calling them first. Their phone number is (325) 597-0733.

Prior to your search, you may ask for directions and advice from the countys record keeper, the county clerk. You may personally visit the clerks office or you may phone him/her for an immediate answer to your queries. The address is 101 North High Street, Brady, Texas 76825 and the phone number is (325) 597-2400. The county also has an official website where you can research where to go and what to do. The website is

Your final option if all others fail is the Buck Richards Memorial Library, located at 1106 South Blackburn Street, Brady, Texas 76825. The phone number is (325) 597-2617.

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