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There is a law that restricts public access to court records, but access is still attainable through legal means. The information in court records is protected for the security of individuals involved in the case. Though it is difficult to get access to court dockets in La Salle County, Texas, this article will discuss several methods that you can follow to find the information that you need.

Your first option for finding court records is visiting the La Salle County courthouse. The courthouse is located at 101 Courthouse Square, Cotulla, TX. You can also give them a call at (830) 879-4432 to set an appointment beforehand. There are county officials that work at the courthouse that can help you access the court records. You can talk to the county sheriff and the county clerk. It is their responsibility to gather and keep the court records. Here is contact information for the county clerk and county sheriff.

La Salle County Sheriff

Telephone: (830) 879-3044

Fax: (830) 879-3623

La Salle County Clerk

Suite 107

Telephone: (830) 879-4432

Fax: (830) 879-2933

To save time, you can also search for court records on La Salle Countys official website. On there, you can find information regarding the county and links to the contact information for other officials that might be able to help in your search. You can also find the address for the public library, which is another possible source for court records. The official website of La Salle County, Texas is

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