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Laws prohibit the online disclosure of court records and public documents for Kenedy County, Texas. Although the partial disclosure of public records is sometimes provided online, dealing with the proper authorities is still the best way of obtaining court records and information.

You can start your search by contacting the countys district court. The Kenedy County 105th District Court can be visited at 101 West Mallory Street, Sarita, Texas 78385. Calling them before heading to their office is a good idea. Their phone number is (361) 294-5220. Fax is also available at (361) 294-5218.

Aside from the district court, the county court is also open to serve you. Court records and information are kept in their office at 151 North Mallory Street, Sarita, Texas 78385. The Kenedy County Constitutional Court can be contacted by either fax or phone. Their numbers are (361) 294-5244 and (361) 294-5224, respectively.

If you do not know exactly what to do and you want to talk to somebody who can give you guidance and direction, then you may contact the county clerk at (361) 294-5220. You can also fax the county clerk at (361) 294-5218. You can pay him/her a visit at 151 Mallory, Sarita, Texas 78385.

If all of these options fail, your last resort is the countys public libraries. There are 20 public libraries that can be found within and near the county. The nearest one is the Reber Memorial Library at 193 North 4th Street, Raymondville, Texas 78580. You can give them a ring at (956) 689-2930. View all the public libraries online and find the one nearest you at

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