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There are restrictions on seeking information regarding court records. In Jeff Davis County, Texas, the public has limited access to court dockets. However, there are some effective ways to gain information.

Going to the Jeff Davis County Courthouse is an effective way to gain access to court dockets. It is located at 101 State St., Fort Davis, TX. In the Jeff Davis County Courthouse, you will find the County Court Judge. You can talk to him and ask for permission to search the court dockets. The county judge can be reached by calling 432-426-3968.

You can also talk to the Jeff Davis County Clerk. It is the clerks responsibility to maintain court records so they can help you in your search. The county clerks office can be found at 109 N. State Street, Ste. 4, Fort Davis, TX. The contact number is 432-426-3251 and the fax number is 432-426-3760.

The internet is another good place to search for court dockets. Jeff Davis Countys official website is You can find out about different offices and their functions within the county. If any of them can help you, their contact information will be listed.

The countys public library is a good source if you are looking to find older court dockets. The Jeff Davis County Library is located at 100 Memorial Sq, Fort Davis, TX. You can give them a call at (432) 426-3802 to see if they have court records that might be useful to you.

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