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Are you looking for court information and documents for Fort Bend County, Texas? The internet cant provide you thorough details? That is because Fort Bend County, Texas, being a part of the United States of America, is governed by laws that prohibit court dockets from being viewed online. But dont worry because there are still a variety of ways to get court information.

To begin your search, it is best to have a birds eye view of what you want to obtain. To that end, you can visit the countys official website, From there, you can have a tour and get an idea of how their court system works.

One good way to begin your court record search is to contact the district clerk. The clerk is located at a new address, Fort Bend County Justice Center, 1422 Eugene Heimann Circle, District Clerks office, Rm 10142, Richmond, Texas 77469. It may be better to call before heading to their office. Their telephone number is (281) 342-3411. You can access them online by visiting

With regards to the county court, Fort Bend County has a county courthouse that can also help you find the court information you need. It is located at 1422 Eugene Heimann Cir, Richmond, Texas 77469. If you want to give them a call prior to your visit, just dial (281) 341-8652 or you can also fax them at (281) 341-8681. The district court at 301 Jackson, Richmond, Texas 77469 is also available to help you. Their telephone number is (281) 633-7632 and their fax number is (281) 341-4519. Both the county and the district court can be visited online at The mode of payment can either be cash or credit card, but a convenience fee is added in the district court.

Lastly, if neither of these offices can provide what you need, the library is a great resource for finding the court dockets that you need. Fort Bend County Law Library is located at 1422 Eugene Heimann Circle, Rm 30304, Richmond, Texas 7746. Their phone number is (281) 341-3718 and their fax number is (281) 342-0734. If you wish to send them a letter, their mailing address is 301 Jackson Street, Richmond, Texas 77469. The library can be accessed online through their official website,

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