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Court records are considered confidential files. They contain sensitive issues and occurrences during court proceedings. For this reason, it is not that easy to find such records online. For Deaf Smith County, for example, there is no online database of court files. At times, disclosure of the information is not even permitted unless approved by the person involved or the judge. In order to be safe, you must follow the legal methods of finding court orders.

The best sources of court dockets are the Deaf Smith courthouses. You can go to their official website,, to learn about these courthouses and other means of looking for court files. The Deaf Smith County Constitutional Court is located at 235 East Third Street, Room 201, Hereford, Texas. Their phone number is (806) 363-7077. The Deaf Smith 222nd District Court is located at 235 East Third Street, Room 305, Hereford, Texas, and can be reached at (806) 364-3901. The Directory of Justice Courts in Deaf Smith County is located at 235 East Third Street, Room 100, Hereford, Texas. Their phone number is (806) 364-0999. Finally, Hereford Municipal Court is located at 212 Lee Avenue, P.O. Box 2277, Hereford, Texas. This court can be reached at (806) 363-7127.

You can choose to visit any of these courthouses depending on where the person you are searching for resides. You can contact the county clerk to help you out with resources since this person keeps a record of all the court files, and he or she knows where to find what you are looking for. Visit this person at 235 E. Street, # 203, Hereford, Texas. If you cannot find what you are looking for in any of the above courthouses, your final resource for court documents is the Deaf Smith County Library, located at 211 E. 4th Street, Hereford, Texas, with telephone number (806) 364-1206. Call them regarding their office hours to make sure it is open on the day you plan to visit them.

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