Bexar County Case Search

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Most people will point you in the direction of the local courthouse when you express an interest in conducting Bexar County case searches. However, it should be clearly understood that you will need to know about the tribunal where a specific case was tried if you want to get the judicial records.

In contrast, the clerk of court’s office keeps information on all Bexar County court dockets as they enjoy the sole authority to collect, store and disseminate court records. In fact, the department of the county clerk is considered to be the administrative arm of the judiciary. As such, the deputies of this agency are put in charge of capturing court documents and trial information.

The data gathered by attending each and every court session, without exception, gets stored in a central database that is made accessible to the general public as well as judicial and criminal justice establishments. People who want to launch a case search in Bexar County, TX will find that they have access to both criminal and civil court records.

To get your hands on this data, the judiciary offers three recourses. You could either take the online route or connect with the judicial agency in question through mail or in person. Those of you who would like to take the simpler route to scouring through Bexar County judicial records will find an online case search tool at

You need to have the name of the defendant or either of the litigants or the case number, possibly the date of birth of the subject and the years to be searched. For civil court dockets of Bexar, you will only need the name of the sparring parties. The County Court and the clerk of court’s office can be contacted at 100 Dolorosa, Rm 104, San Antonio, TX 78205-3083. For the District Court, you should go to Paul Elizondo Tower, Basement, 101 W Nueva, San Antonio, TX 78205.