Harris County Clerk of Courts

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In Harris County the Clerk of Court’s office has been set in charge of maintaining the court dockets. These are case related details and they are kept on file regardless of the nature of the litigation. This means that a matter could be criminal or civil but you will find court records pertaining to the case if you were to connect with the county clerk’s office.

The best part is that unlike the other state entities that accept requests for criminal and judicial records and conduct the inquiry on the applicant’s behalf, through the county clerk’s office, you will be given the facility to browse the database of Harris County court documents. Judicial records are maintained for all sessions of the tribunal. This means that every milestone of the civil or criminal case is filed in the database.

The applicant can use the public service terminals at the county court house to scour through this repository or if you are just not up to the task, you could simply get in touch with the Harris County clerk of court’s department and ask them to conduct the inquiry for you. However, while you will only be charged for printouts if you look for information yourself, assisted investigations will cost you money.

To launch the Harris County case search online, go to http://www.hcdistrictclerk.com/eDocs/Public/Search.aspx. On the web page, you will get the options to look for civil litigations and criminal cases filed in the District as well as Municipal courts. The inquiry for judicial records can also be conducted by paying the courthouse a visit.

The District Court of Harris County, TX hears civil matters in which the disputed amount is over $100,000 and all misdemeanor and felony cases. Sealed records that typically pertain to juvenile crimes, military discharges and contain personal information such as the medical history and social security number will not be released.

The court dockets of Harris County, TX date back to 1969 for all civil cases and 1976 for all criminal matters. You will be asked to provide the name of the subject, birth date and the number of years for which the inquiry has to be conducted. Information on court documents from Harris can be sought through mail and in person. The contact details of the District Tribunal and the clerk of court’s office are as follows:
• District Court: 201 Caroline, Suite 420, PO Box 4651, Houston, TX 77210-4651
• County clerk: PO Box 1525, Houston, TX 77251-1525