Texas is Running Out of Execution Drug

Texas Department of Criminal Justice has reported a severe shortage of pentobarbital – the drug used for the lethal injection executions. In this coming September there will be no means available to follow the 7 executions scheduled for the following months. As of now, there has been no official announcement about delaying executions.

Up to May 2012, Texas was in possession of 46 vials each containing 0.0881ounce of pentobarbital. This amount was sufficient to put to death 23 inmates (one execution requires 0.1763 ounce).

According to Richard Dieter, a senior at the Washington anti-death sentence organization Death Penalty Information Center, Texas is exerting a lot of effort to acquire pentobarbital in domestic as well as in international markets, yet it is running into serious difficulties. Producers, unwilling to take part in executions, refuse to sell the drug.

Texas takes the lead in the number of execution per year in comparison to other death penalty states. Since 1982, 503 people were put to death. Virginia is second on the list with only 110 executions.