Texas Militia Groups Plan to Secure Border with Guns

In response to the recent wave of illegal immigrants being bussed into American cities, Texas militia groups are preparing to assemble at the border to stop illegal immigration. Usually, when immigrant families with children are caught crossing the border they are temporarily detained in border patrol facilities and then released with a notice to appear in immigration court and a bus ticket to any American city.

Most never come to court and cause strain on the social services in the area they settle in. There are no doubts that these people are fleeing horrible conditions, but many Americans feel that they should only cross the border by legal means. Several Texas area militia groups aim to stop illegal border crossing by force if necessary. Although most of the immigrants that are allowed to take busses into the United States are mothers and children, the militia groups plan to target gang members and those trying to bring in illegal drugs.

A representative from one of the groups says that the militia groups planned to handle the border crossers in a non-violent manner while other members of the same group claim that they will discourage border jumping by threatening gunfire. Groups are expected to start showing up in late July of 2014 as one group leader put out a call for all such groups to join them. It is suspected that groups from California may plan to join the patrol as well.

Border county police departments caution militia groups to stay away; they assert that they have plenty officers to protect the borders. However, a statement from one border patrol agent illustrates quite a different picture; he explains that many agents have been reassigned, leaving the border largely unmanned.