Texas Authorities Getting Set for Warrant Round Up

Around 300 law enforcement agencies around Texas are getting ready for this year’s Great Texas Warrant Round Up, which will occur on March 6th. For those living in Texas with outstanding warrants, the time to take care of them is now or risk being arrested.

According to Lt. Sarah Bigham with the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office, over 700 warrants were cleared during last year’s round up time period. Around 100 were cleared on the exact round up day. The hope is to clear the same or more amount of warrants this year, Bigham said.

More than $77,000 was paid last year throughout Grayson County to clear almost $200,000 in warrants that ranged from parking tickets left unpaid to hot check or warrants from not showing up to court. The most common were from traffic violations like speeding or failing to use a stop sign, according to Sgt. D.M. Hampton from the Police Department in Sherman.

Police recommend residents call their local law enforcement office to check for any unpaid fines. Most of the time, paying a warrant will avoid arrest.