Soaring Crime Rates in Texas’ Cities

Crime rate are on the increase in Texas, even in place which have been considered safe up until recently.
The city of Round Rock is a noticeable example. According to police official statistics, crime rates in this city have climbed to more than 8%. Since the beginning of 2013, two murders and two shooting incidents have been reported. These grim statistics are the cause of much concern in light of the fact that Round Rock used to be the 2nd safest place in the United States.
Unfortunately, the rise in crime rates is not an isolated phenomenon. Based on the Department of Public Safety’s Annual Crime in Texas, 2012 was marked by more than 2,200 cases of larceny (a 10% rise in comparison to the previous year), more than 30 reported crimes of rape (compared to 25 cases in 2011) and close to 65 cases of severe assault (24% more than the year before).
The report indicates that crime rates are on the increase in major cities across Texas, for example Austine showed a rise of 2.5%, Cedar park 14.7% and Georgetown 17%.