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What is the best way to find details on warrants and arrests in Arlington, Texas?

The Arlington Police Department is an outlier of sorts when it comes to the dissemination of arrest records, their warrant list and crime-related data in general. Typically, it is always the police who are not particularly keen on sharing criminal records. In contrast, judicial agencies come across as far more amenable.

However, you will notice that things are played out differently in Arlington. Arrests are no doubt reported by the local law enforcement office but they also offer a lot more than that. So, continue reading to know how you can use the arrest inquiry and warrant search facilities offered by Arlington PD.

How easy is it to get information on recent arrests in Arlington from the local PD?

All you have to do is use a web-based arrest app to find the complete list of current inmates. This nifty facility can get you the complete arrest log and allow you access to information on past arrests in Arlington.

The prison inmate list is published at Clicking on the tab that reads “Jail History Search” will get you details on all people who were detained in the facility in the time frame specified by you.

If you look closely, you will notice that most detainees in the facility are charged with petty offenses, so what happens to those who are suspected of committing serious crimes? They are taken to the Tarrant County Jail. To find the arrest records for this facility, use the tool at You will only need the name of an accused to generate his arrest report through the use of this service.

What can you do to initiate a warrant check in Arlington?

To get information on the outstanding warrants issued by the Municipal Court of Arlington, go to The warrant list on the page is updated weekly and has details on arrest orders issued against traffic offenses and civic infractions.

You can find information on active warrants issued by the Justice Court at In addition to this, you can also use the case search feature available at to find details on arrest warrants issued in Class A, B, C misdemeanor cases.

Finally, you can try to do a warrant lookup for the trial courts of Tarrant by using the criminal court records finder at Tarrant County District Clerk Online.

Crime Stats for Arlington, Texas

In 2018, Arlington, Texas saw a decrease of almost 14% in all criminal activity. Added to the 7% decline in the crime rates recorded in 2017, that was a plunge of almost 20% in the overall crime average of the area. Despite this, the crime rate for the area was at par but not below the national and state averages.

Each year, an estimated 14,000 crimes occur in Arlington of which, about 12,000 are property crimes. In comparison, violent crimes account for about 12% of the total crime rate at approximately 1800 incidents. Instances of assault and theft are the most commonly occurring crimes in the area.