Tarrant County Judicial Records

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There are scores of options available to find Tarrant County judicial records. Undoubtedly, the most convenient option is to initiate the case search through online facilities offered by judicial administration. However, not all court dockets have been included in the online database. Court documents for criminal cases are available for the last 25 years while judicial records for civil cases date back to 1984.

If you need information that is a couple of decades old, your only option would be to visit the court where a specific civil or criminal case was heard or contact the Tarrant County clerk of court’s office. A third option for case search is to mail your inquiries to a judicial agency. Regardless of the mode of communication used when launching the investigation for court documents, you will need to provide the period of inquiry (beginning year to ending year), the name of the defendant or the litigant and the date of birth to get your inquiry under way.

Depending on how you choose to conduct your case search in Tarrant County, TX, you could get the court records free of cost or may have to pay a small fee for them. As a thumb rule, anything that involves an expenditure of time on behalf of the judicial staff will require payment. So, if you put in an application to find Tarrant County court records, in person or through mail, you will have to incur a charge.

For mailed in investigations or in person case searches, you can get in touch with the County Court or the District Court. Both these tribunals work out of the same location but hear different types of cases. For instance, County Tribunals will typically handle misdemeanor cases and preliminary hearings of felony matters along with civil cases with a cap on the disputed amount.

In contrast, the District Court has carte blanche when it comes to civil as well as criminal matters. Both the judicial entities can be contacted at 401 W Belknap, Fort Worth, TX 76196-0402. The clerk of court’s department of Tarrant County links the court dockets database to the public service terminals in their office. So, applicants can go through the court documents on their own. To take advantage of this facility, go to 100 W Weatherford, Rm B-30, Ft. Worth, TX 76196.