Police will Need a Warrant Search to Access Private E-mail Accounts

Texas turns out to be a safe haven for Internet privacy. On June 14, a new law became effective in the state after the governor had signed it. This new law (HB 2268) obligates law enforcement agencies to acquire a warrant if they want to enter a person’s private email. Prior to the passing of the law, the authorities could read a person’s email message on his/her inbox on condition that this message had not been opened for 180 days.

This law provides Texans legal protection from state authorities. However, according to the Electronics Communications Privacy Act, federal authorities can still read a 180 unopened e-mail message without a court’s warrant.

The law received strong support in both the House and Senate making Texas join Montana as a leading state regarding the right to privacy on the Internet.
Recently, Montana as passed a new bill according to which police will not be able to track a person via his cellular phone or any other GPS apparatus without a search warrant signed by a judge.