Dallas-Fortworth, TX Is Now Letting Drunk Drivers Back on the Road!

Judges in urban counties such as Dallas- Fortworth, Texas have always come down heavily on drunk driving, suspending licenses to prevent people found guilty of alcohol impaired driving from risking the lives of others.

However, a new law is set to change things for the better and has gone down well with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), an Irving based nonprofit dedicated to making the streets of America safer for all.

In keeping with this new rule, driver’s who are found guilty of driving with a Blood Alcohol Level (BAC) of 0.15 can reclaim their license if they are willing to install an ignition interlock. The device will prevent drivers who have had a drink or two from getting behind the wheels of their vehicle.

At the same time, this mandatory sobriety measure would mean that these individuals could still keep their driving licenses which would enable them to lead normal lives and run their day to day chores without too much trouble.

Lower instances of driving on suspended licenses!

Despite judges coming down harshly on drivers who endanger the lives of others on the road, it is common for people with suspended licenses to get right back on the road, ignoring the punitive measures that have been taken against them.

Of course, these individuals are risking arrest and jail time by doing so. Yet, the idea of being able to travel around without the hassles of taking public transport is what motivates them to take the risk.

With the voluntary acceptance of ignition interlock devices, these drivers will be making a commitment to safety. It will be a personal choice whether to choose the ignition interlock, which will not allow a person to operate the vehicle if any traces of alcohol can be found in his breath, or go for hard suspension.

Before the implementation of this law, drivers accused of driving with BAC of 0.15 would face license suspension while those with BAC of 0.8 or above would mandatorily have to use ignition lock devices.