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Which agency can help you with the arrest log for Fort Worth?

Depending on the agency you approach, a warrant check may be easier to launch than an arrest inquiry or vice versa. When you need access to arrest records in Fort Worth, you’d normally approach either the local police department or the Sheriff’s Office of Tarrant County.

The thing to understand here is that both agencies offer criminal records, but the amount of information you find and what it pertains to will differ based on the law enforcement office you connect with. Read more to know more about the different options for Fort Worth arrests and warrants search…

How do you access details on recent arrests in Fort Worth?

To launch an arrest inquiry online, you will have to use the facilities offered by the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office. After arrests in Fort Worth, all detainees are taken to the County jail for central processing.

So, you can find information on people arrested through the inmate search tool at Like other facilities of its kind, this is a name-based app but you can also use it with the CID of the detainee, if you have this number.

The arrest log for the area is also made available at The files on the webpage are essentially single-day booking logs that go back 14 days from the present date.

Is there a way to find arrest warrants from Fort Worth?

The Sheriff’s Office of Tarrant County as well as the Fort Worth Police Department provide limited warrant search facilities. So, do not confuse the information offered with the warrant list for the City. In fact, unless you are an attorney or a licensed bondsman, you cannot get your hands on details pertaining to criminal active warrants through these agencies. At this time, what these offices do provide is:

A warrant check tool to find Class C misdemeanor warrants and Capias Pro Fine. This is available on the website of the Municipal Court of Forth Worth at

The outstanding warrant list for Tarrant County at This is, once again, only the list of misdemeanor cases and not of felony crimes.

What other information on Fort Worth arrest records can be found through the police/judiciary?

You can access the most wanted list for the area from the website of Tarrant County Sheriff at The page also has information on the most wanted suspects for Fort Worth City and provides details along with mug shots/photographs where available.

In addition to this, you can seek police reports by approaching Fort Worth PD. However, you can only request an offense report if you are the defendant or the victim. You can file your request for the arrest report through mail. Find information about it at For online reports, use the tool at

Crime stats for Fort Worth, Texas

About 5,000 violent crimes and over 25,000 property crimes occur in Fort Worth, TX every year. This puts the crime averages of the area above the national and the state figures. The majority of complaints lodged in connection with violent crimes are attributed to assaults at nearly 3,000 incidents. Among property crimes, thefts accounted for the maximum complaints at over 18,000 incidents.