Dallas County Court Dockets

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Dallas County court dockets are available with the tribunals of the area as well as the clerk of court’s department. These are judicial records that are kept for all legal matters, regardless of the nature of the case and the court that handles it. Unless, it is clearly stated that court records are not kept for a certain tribunal, you can be sure that you will find all information on any case heard by a court. Usually, it is the tribunals at the lower rung that don’t maintain court dockets.

There are offline as well as online means available for launching a case search in Dallas County, TX. Such an inquiry can be used to find judicial records for criminal cases as well as civil litigations. Hence, these inquiries are not only important when seeking a criminal history report but also when conducting a background search.

Court dockets are assimilated by the deputies of the clerk of court’s office. They sit through every sessions of every court in the area. The information, including testimony, presentation of evidence, witness cross examination, lawyer statements, the verdict and the sentencing is all kept on file. When civilians or state agencies put in a request to examine the court documents of a specific case, they are given access to the court dockets repository.

To avail this facility online, you can use the tool at http://www.dallascounty.org/services/record-search/. On this page, you will find links that will take you to case search programs for criminal and civil matters. As far criminal cases are concerned, you can get details such as the court documents and dockets for both felony and misdemeanor trials.

For civil matters, the case search program can get you judicial records for the District and the County Courts. The service is offered free of charge. You can also conduct inquiries pertaining to court records from Dallas County on site. For this, you can visit the courthouse of the area at 133 N River Front Blvd, LB12, Dallas, TX 75207-4313.